SUPVOX Set of 6 Trumpet Valve Finger Buttons Colorful Stone Repair Parts Valve Caps Accessories Musical Instruments Collections
6개의 트럼펫 밸브 핑거 버튼 다채로운 스톤 수리 부품 밸브 캡 액세서리 음악 악기 컬렉션의 SUPVOX 세트


Made of high quality metal and natural beautiful stone with different texture.

Sculptural outer edge surround by stone. Mainly used as a trumpet musical instrument finger buttons.

Through exquisite craftsmanship and hand polishing, the pads are smooth to touch and with elegant appearance.

Exquisite handicrafts in every detail to decorate your trumpet.

Great decoration for your trumpet and it also has collection and toy values.

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